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Oakridge Branch

Today Horatio and I visited the Oakridge Library. I always thought it was a little weird that there was a library in the mall, especially in a mall which is known as quite a high-class and high-fashion mall. The library is tucked away in a corner and down a couple flights of stairs. Because of this, I was kind of surprised to see so many people at this library. Taking a picture of Horatio outside was actually quite difficult because of the near-constant movement of people in and out of the door. 

Oakridge Library was much bigger than I remembered it. Compared to the other two relatively small libraries I’ve visited so far, it was enormous. There were shelves and shelves of every kind of book. The teen section, along with every other section, was substantial. There were also many computers, all of them occupied.

Normally after touring the grounds, I just hang around the teen section and read. Today, however, I was feeling extra inspired by the hefty amount of information in the room, so I wandered through the aisles and eventually ended up picking up a poetry anthology! Imagine that!

Because the Oakridge Library is large and visited by so many people, the atmosphere isn’t as cozy as that of other libraries I’ve visited. However the great selection of books definitely makes up for this. Visiting this library would be a great way to end a long hard day of shopping.

Coziness + Comfort: 3/5

Selection: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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Hi everyone! My name’s Megan and today is the first day of the VPL Branch Project. I live in Vancouver, BC and I love reading and visiting the library. I wanted to start this project because I only visit one branch of the Vancouver Public Library regularly, and I want to visit all the others to see what they have to offer.

So here’s how it’s going to work: Every couple of days, I’ll hop on my bike and ride to a library branch. There’s not going to be any particular order; it will be a spontaneous decision. Once at the library, I’ll spend at least one hour there. I’ll look around, maybe pick out a book or two, and discover what makes that library unique. Here on my blog, I’ll tell you all about my experience and rate the library on selection, comfort + coziness, and on overall experience. 

But I won’t be doing this alone. Joining me will be my good friend Horatio, the sock monkey. He’s also an avid reader and he’s willing to help me scout out the best libraries. Here’s a picture of him sitting in his favorite spot on my brother’s bookshelf: 

Horatio and I are ready to roll, so we’ll talk to you later when we tell you about our first library.

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